Referral Partners

Referral Partner Program

Connect your clients with our funding.

We help your clients succeed.

Count on our responsiveness and professionalism as we work to create the best possible funding solution for your client referrals, while keeping in touch with you throughout the process. Our partnership can strengthen your client relationships while also rewarding you through our referral partner program.

We offer a wide range of rates, and work closely with your client to determine the terms that are right for their agency, financial situation, and goals.

Who makes a perfect partner?

We partner with commercial loan brokers, SBA lenders, banks, M&A specialists, industry consultants and networks. 

We don't take referrals lightly. We're committed to finding the best solutions for your client's financing needs. Our wide range of rates and flexible terms allow us to customize a loan for each of your clients' unique situations.

When you have clients who need funding faster than other lenders can deliver, or who want more flexibility in loan structure, or who don’t fit traditional lending requirements, talk to us about partnering.

We work hard to ensure a win-win-win on all successfully closed referral deals.

Why Partner with AgileCap?

Our industry expertise and flexibility allow us to do deals that others often cannot take on…and close on them quickly.

We design loans around your client’s needs, even if there are credit challenges or complex financing requirements.

Our partner referral agreements mean that you receive a reward for our partnership too.

Referral Partners

Every referral receives an expert consultation with one of our Lending Advisors. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped our partners’ clients with:

  • fast and easy acquisition or repeat acquisition funding to support agency expansion;
  • flexible growth capital — when traditional lenders won’t tolerate credit blemishes;
  • loans to cover complicated partial owner buyouts;
  • bridge loans to get agency owners through time-sensitive transactions;
  • borrower-friendly financing structures (eg: interest-only periods, rate steps, annual principal paydowns, rolling underwriting with reduced documentation for repeat funding, and final balloon payments).

Partner Resources

Contact us any time for information or resources you can share with your clients. We have a library of white label materials that we can share or co-brand with our partners.

Talk to us about our Referral Partner Program

Or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours to talk about the details of our program.

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