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Our insurance agency loans help agencies build their future.

See what’s possible with our insurance agency funding.

Loans built with your agency's goals in mind.

Access $100,000 to $5M+ in insurance agency funding for start-up expenses, acquisitions, buy-outs, perpetuation, or working capital.

Your terms are customized to your agency's business needs. Your rates are determined by the value of your agency and your business and personal credit profiles. Repay your loan monthly for up to 10 years.

AgileCap loans give you:

  • $100,000 to $5M in principal
  • 7 business day approval and fund delivery
  • Competitive terms tailored to your needs

Your book of business is your collateral.

You put a lot of work into building your book of business, whether you work with health, life, property, marine, individual, small business or commercial insurance. We understand that agencies don’t have tangible assets to use as collateral so we create loans based on the value of your book of business. As specialty lenders, our commission based loans allow you to access funding that others might not be able to offer you, while also reducing the risk to your personal assets.

Recently funded loans


Acquired a book of business that included new products and a key employee who brought expertise and opportunities for new product


Acquired a book of business that gave access to a new carrier and new products, offered at better rates.


Paid off SBA loan in order to release liens on personal assets (such liens are a standard procedure for SBA loans)

Time to fund: 3 weeks


Property, and Casualty Agency in TEXAS
Use of Funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 45


Property, and Casualty Agency in CALIFORNIA
Use of Funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 18


Property, and Casualty Agency in OHIO
Use of Funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 40


General P&C Agency MICHIGAN
Use of funds: Acquisition, Refi
2nd acquisition with AgileCap
Business days to fund: 30


Allstate Agency OHIO
Use of funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 60

Loan terms, including rates, are determined by the value of your agency and your business and personal credit profiles. We customize your loans to your needs, we can consider loans that might not meet a traditional lender's requirements, and our proprietary funding process is quick.

What we can do for you.


Expert consult.

After an initial conversation with a Lending Advisor, we’ll understand your agency, your business plans and your financial needs. You’ll receive a term sheet from us in 24 hours.


Simple loan process.

Once you’ve agreed to the terms on your term sheet, your Lending Advisor will just need some basic financial documents to complete the loan process.


Quick fund delivery.

Once we receive your financial documents, your funds can be in your account in as little as 7 business days, ready to use.

Get your funding started

As your agency evolves,
our funds go to work for you.

Your agency grows and changes, and so do your financial needs. AgileCap supports agency growth and development through all stages and phases. Our flexible funding options can help you with cash flow as you get established, fund infrastructure as your firm expands or changes, and facilitate a smooth transition during succession planning. We have the experience and knowledge to support you with insurance agency loans for:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Marketing Plan

New Technology

Recruitment & Training

Bridge Loans

Succession Planning

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