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Spring Cleaning Your Agency Financials Will Save Time and Money

If you want funding quickly, be sure to prepare your financials before you apply. A wise woodsman who may have …

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Specialty Lenders Provide a Valuable Alternative to Bank/SBA Loans

Traditional bank and SBA-backed loans may be the lowest-cost financing options available for insurance agency loans but there are some situations where you may need an alternative to a bank loan. As an agency owner, it’s important for you to understand the financing options available to you.

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Getting Ready to Grow Your Business? Do Your Due Diligence Before Acquiring an Insurance Agency

If acquisition is part of your growth strategy, doing your due diligence homework will ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. “Buying a book of business requires careful planning and patience,”

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Buyer Beware: Does Your Quick Lender Use Predatory Practices?

We’ve recently heard a number of stories about insurance agencies that have used quick lenders to secure fast cash.

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Organic vs Acquisition Growth

Every agency has a choice. Will you rely on organic growth alone or acquire an additional agency or book of business which will create increased profitability for your agency much more quickly.

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Preparing For Insurance Agency Acquisition Financing

There are at least two ways to grow your business (either or both may require some amount of insurance agency financing). You can expand organically over time, adding to your bottom line client-by-client. Or you can grow rapidly through acquisition.

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5 Benefits of AgileCap’s Customized Insurance Agency Loans

Whether you’re considering growing your agency through acquisition, expansion, recruitment, marketing or any other undertaking, we create customized insurance agency

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4 Places to Invest in Your Insurance Agency for Growth in 2022

As the economy and business environments move out of the pandemic, what kind of changes should insurance agency owners invest in to support agency growth? According to recent research, there are four critical areas to focus on.

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Myths About Insurance Agency Lending

Myths about insurance agency lending can stop agency owners from contacting a lender or looking for funds when their agency could really use a capital infusion in order to grow.

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SBA Loans Are Great for Insurance Agencies…If You’ve Got the Time

There are many benefits to SBA loans, and lots of insurance agencies are finding that this is a particularly good time to apply for them. Unfortunately there are some downsides to an SBA loan that borrowers can encounter. One downside we’re hearing about lately is the length of time that SBA loans can take to be funded.

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