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Acquisition Consulting for Independent Insurance Agencies

Are you considering purchasing or selling an agency? Our experience in insurance industry acquisition and sales can provide you with an edge in a competitive market. We serve as a strategic partner to agency owners, offering a full range of services tailored to every step in the buy/sell process.

Acquiring and selling an agency is a big decision, one that requires vision, strategy, persistence and patience. Each step in the process comes with its own checklist, timeline, expectations, and - sometimes - potentially unforeseen complications. Having an advisor alongside you can be invaluable. We offer experienced insight, keep the process on track, and ensure your best interest is consistently represented.

Jon Jamieson, CIC, Senior Agency Advisor.

Jon worked in the insurance industry for 28 years, as a producer, a marketing rep, and an agency owner, before successfully selling to a national brokerage. His professional experience, along with later work as a community bank director, give him the insurance industry knowledge, business acumen, and financial insight that he brings to agency acquisition advising.

The Value You Get From Our Acquisition Advising

Tailored, targeted consulting, focused on your business goals.

Your agency exists because of your vision and drive. You’ve built a customer base that relies on your expertise and service, and a dedicated staff that makes everything come together behind the scenes. 

Whether you’re scaling your business right now or selling the agency you’ve constructed over time, we know and respect the work that agency building demands. We devote time to getting to know you, your agency and your vision of what comes next. Then we design a strategic buy/sell plan that meets your specific goals. 

Acquisition Consults

Advising that is relationship-based, relaxed, and relentless.

Whether virtual or in-person, you work with one advisor who knows you and is committed to achieving your objectives. We provide smart, even-keeled guidance to buyers who want to find solid acquisition opportunities, and to sellers who want to reach the right buyer in order to optimize both the return on their sale and the future of their agency. Our approach is never pushy, but we are undeterred in our efforts to reach the right buy/sell arrangement for each and every client.

Acquisition Consults

Consistent monitoring of the market.

We don’t use boilerplate lists of available agencies that quickly become stale and generally offer limited value in a competitive market. We don’t broadcast names of agencies we’re working with, since confidentiality is critical to the buyer-seller relationship. Our process involves an ongoing, interactive market review. Consistent cultivation of our network of buyers and sellers allows us to make the right connections based on our knowledge of each agency’s strategic criteria.

Acquisition Consults

Our pricing philosophy: simple and transparent.

The process of buying or selling an agency can get complicated, so we make our part in your transaction simple and clear. Most plainly stated, we structure our seller fees so we do better as you do better. And it costs you nothing to list your agency with us. Our buyer fees are based on target agency annual revenue, not on sale price. Overall, we aim for a fee structure that’s mutually beneficial and purposefully transparent.

Acquisition Consults

Customized financing solutions.

Because we’re associated with AgileCap lending, our clients benefit from frictionless referrals to Lending Advisors who can design an effective, tailored financing package. Of course any client is free to engage with other lenders if they prefer. Though we are affiliated, a relationship with AgileCap is not a requirement in order to work with AgileCap Agency Advisors.

Acquisition Consults

Services for Buyers

  • Agency Assessment
    (clarify growth goals, define objectives)
  • Tailored Acquisition Strategy
  • Market Monitoring and Strategic Agency Matches
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation Guidance
  • Third Party Referrals (eg: attorneys, CPAs, real estate, etc.)
  • Due Diligence Preparation and Support
  • Letter of Intent Guidance
  • Negotiation Support
  • Customized Lender Package Referrals
  • Advice on Deal Structure
  • Integration Success Consultation

Services for Sellers

  • Agency Assessment
    (clarify agency value, define sales goals)
  • Productivity and Profitability Analysis (from operations and management perspectives)
  • Agency Value Optimization (Identify any factors that could impact valuation)
  • Confidential Information Memo
  • Agency Positioning and Marketing (maintaining appropriate confidentiality)
  • Buyer Screening
  • Confidentiality/NDA
  • Due Diligence Preparation and Support
  • Advice on Deal Structure, Seller Financing, and Transition Period
  • Exit Planning Support

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